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Workshops, Retreats, and More! 

Hosting an event, retreat, or business professional development? Seeking an engaging workshop facilitator, presenter, or Keynote speaker? Customized experiences are available! These experiences are open to groups, families, youth and young adults, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and businesses. 

Mornings are Sacred- In this interactive session we will discuss how cultivating a morning practice is an essential part of your overall wellness and can change the trajectory of your life in amazing ways. Attendees will walk away with practical tips and offerings to create their own daily practice.  


Prayer works!-Growing in your relationship with God means nurturing the practice of prayer and devotion on a consistent daily basis (throughout your day). This master class includes an overview of several types of prayer, prayer activities, prayer journaling, and more!

Creating your living vision-There are so many limiting beliefs that can get in the way of cultivating our purpose designed by God. This workshop will support you in exploring your purpose, creating your living vision statement, spiritual gifts exploration/assessment, and more!


Self-care in uncertain times: There are 8 different areas of self-care you can engage in and it doesn't have to be hard. Join this engaging session to hear more as well as self-care activities you can engage in that require no money at all! We will engage in a self-care activity together


Gratitude for our bodies: That which we think...we create...we speak....we believe...we behave....we become. What are you telling yourself about yourself and about your body? If you are challenged with maintaining the healthy lifestyle you desire, this session is for you! This session will provide an opportunity to explore living a healthier lifestyle that works for you!  We will then engage in an affirming activity focused on the 2 most powerful words.....I AM!


Creating Intentions to support your health and wellness goals: There is a level of tremendous support evident in simply creating an intention each day or as often as you are able. In this session, we will walk through the practice of creating intentions and how they can support the way in which you lovingly show up for yourself as you commit to the life experiences you desire.


Just Breathe: Breath is our anchor; our connection to Creator God. Deep breathing reduces stress and allows our bodies to relax so that we are aware of what we are feeling physically and emotionally. In this experience, we will engage in breathing exercises while practicing stillness.


Additional workshops: Reparenting yourself, Inner Child work (and play) is self-care, Bolding Living Your Divine Purpose, Setting and Honoring Healthy Boundaries, Healing and Growth, 10 Types of Prayers and the limitless ways to activate your faith, Creating a God Journal, Beginner’s Guide to Meditation practices, Daily Grounding and Gratitude, Walking Prayer and Meditation, 7 Christ-Centered Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques,

The  FULL 7 Level Vision Board Experience, Interrupting dominant negative thought patterns, Building Resiliency, Restorative Practices in schools, families, and workplaces.

Business Master Class options: The NEW approach to creating YOUR Business Plan, 5 key steps to launching your business, The #1 Method to target your ideal client base,  Building your Brand with AUTHENTICITY,

 YOU are the product: Creating your billing structure and charging your worth!

*Customized Master Classes to fit your business needs*

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Workshop Sponsored by: The Cru

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