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A new season!

One year ago today I graduated from the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. It was a life-changing 2-year journey and I am forever grateful. Since my journey, it’s been an incredible shift and a new season. This season has brought great awareness and growth. Sometimes we believe a new season should look perfect but that is not always the case. I am here to tell you that everything that happens is a process and that every season we are in is to nudge us to toward working through our life experiences in order to learn, grow, heal and "become". Through our "becoming" in each season, we learn more about our gift-our purpose-and the hope is that we then use it for the greater good of humanity. This season that I am in has been filled with productivity AND procrastination, highs AND lows; moments of clarity AND moments of “stuckness”. It has been creatively flowing AND the need to be still. All of it has been a process and every layer of the process is important. What has supported me is being aware of the fact that I am always in a life process; that there is a daily lesson unfolding for my "becoming" and knowing that it is divinely guided. When I trust and honor Holy Spirit within, I trust the process and the outcome. I am aware that this is what's happening for so many and if we pay close attention we can notice the signs; the road map as we maneuver through each daily life experience no matter how the day looks. If a hard lesson is being repeated, it's because there is a lesson we still need to learn or a lesson to learn in a new way than we did before. The challenge is knowing that the end result will be for our good-no matter what season we are in. There is a reason and a season for everything and there is also a lesson in it for us. Right now, I am in a season of creativity. How that looks some days is all over the place and how it looks other days is being extremely disciplined, focused, and creatively flowing with what Spirit has downloaded as the activity and project I need to be working on. Setting my intention around what I am seeking to experience, is what supports the season I am in and allows me to not “beat myself up” if I make a choice that is different from my “to do” list. Chucking the "to do list" honors me when the list is too much "doing" and not enough "being". It's noticing that the season that I am in right now requires no overwhelm. It's peace while being productive. It’s a daily practice of self-affirming, checking my self-talk, thoughts, and behaviors; ensuring I am creating positive thoughts, and knowing that time is an illusion; moving to the rhythm and beat of divine timing means that I prioritize honoring Spirit. The more I become aware and the more I stay committed to my daily practice of focusing inward, the greater I am able to create that which I am meant to create on my spiritual timeline. I share this for all of those who are in a season of what I call pruning. You're in the trenches of what should be your next step and may have many ideas on how that should look. Maybe you feel stuck in this season and unsure of what a next step is but you know there is a next step you want to take. Maybe you have taken the next step and then feel so overwhelmed that it leads you to doing nothing. All of it is for a reason, this season. Sit with all that comes up and you will receive the clarity you need when it is time to be revealed. The waiting is also a process and can be a season all in itself. Trust it. You may also have many opportunities coming before you and you're not sure where to start. The first step is to start with where you are by taking a moment to acknowledge what you are feeling, and sitting with whatever comes up. The next step is really discovering the “why” behind what you are working on, ensuring that you are making decisions for the right reasons. Listen to the divine downloads within as Spirit guides. Next, come up with a process to honor yourself: Do you need to be in a season of waiting, do you need to be in a season of exploring and researching what it is that you like to do or is it time for you to take that next step toward what you want. Whatever you decide to do, honor the process. Know that there is or can be a process taking place in the midst of procrastination. Figure out what is holding you back from moving forward. Are you in your own way? Is it fear? Self-Sabotage? Is there a pattern of thinking or doing you need to interrupt? Is it because you need more time and in that time extending yourself grace and compassion as you figure out “your next”? Is there a dominant negative thought pattern or behaviors that are holding you back that you need to work through. Regardless of what season you are in, trust the process and know that there is always a process taking place. As this fall season unfolds, here's to honoring the season we are in, trusting Spirit, trusting God, trusting the process, trusting ourselves, and knowing that divine timing for all that we seek to accomplish is always at the hands of our Creator. Everything we need for this season, we already have…within!


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