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Seasons Change!

Seasons Change!! It’s that time of year when the season is changing (depending on where you are) But even if you are not in a “physical” place where seasons change frequently, YOU may actually be in the midst of a changing season! The question I continue to ask myself every few months is “What season am I in?” Am I in the harvesting season where I am planting seeds that will sow prosperity for my life? Am I in a season of change? Am I in a season of stagnation where I am stuck on what to work on next, as it relates to my purpose? The Proverb “You reap what you sow” can be applied in so many ways. In this case, I want to speak to the fact that what you plant, IS in fact what you will get out. If you are sowing seeds of fear, anxiety or stagnation as it relates to your purpose, then your season will reap a garden of missed opportunities, wasted time, and a continuous lack of growth . If you sow seeds that are life giving, purpose driven, hopeful combined with watering your “garden” with faith , hope and love all the while consistently tending to it and patiently waiting for the right time/the right season to come forward, then you will reap a season of prosperity, growth and opportunities that will blow your mind.

But it doesn’t end there! Ever notice that when you put a bunch of roses or flowers together in a vase and one goes bad, the others follow soon thereafter (this can also be said about fruit), the same applies to those IN your garden (in your space!). One must also reflect on WHOSE in their season and helping to tend to their garden. Who’s not helping to keep your garden watered or trying to tell you that the seeds you are sowing are useless and that your garden will not flourish? Sometimes we try to hold onto relationships when they have already run their course-the season is over but we still want to stay in it; we don’t want to let go. We keep these people in our garden and time and time again nothing good comes from the hard work we think we are putting into our garden. Oftentimes, all this does is prevent our seeds from flourishing into what’s truly meant to be for our time of growth! That’s because the season for some of these people, has run its course. Just like there are some seeds you can plant certain times of the year, there are some people not meant to be in the season you are in.

Part of your life’s journey is to discover not only your purpose, but the WHO in your purpose. Who is helping you along the way? Whose "branches" to your" trees"are life-giving? The same can be said about you! Who are you giving life to and what impact (both negative and positive) are you having in someone’s season? Reciprocity calls for all of us to be connected to those who support our passion and for us to do the same. We are challenged to stay the course with those in our garden sprouting wisdom, guidance and support along the way, while leaving those behind that are not able to do this. We are called to do the same. Show me your friends, and I will show you your future. This season I challenge all my BTM followers, to look at the season you are in and make a decision to plant only the seeds that are life giving to your purpose. Take a close look at those surrounding you and those you need to bring forth a beautiful season for your journey. Take a closer look at those that you need to leave behind. “Fall back” and just watch closely those that say they are committed to your purpose and support you. Their actions will reveal if they are truly authentic (just as yours will to them!)…and when people show you who they are, believe them. Don’t make excuses for their bad behavior and feel no guilt about moving on. They served their purpose in your life, and maybe it was a lesson on how to let go. Others that come in are the ones in your season for a lifetime, always feeding your purpose. Know the difference! At the end of the day, this thing called life requires us to be honest with ourselves and in our relationships with others in order to have seasons that will lead us to the height of living Purpose-Driven.

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