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Fool's Gold

Jill Scott's new single, "Fool's Gold" talks about falling in love, but sometimes how following your heart can lead to foolish decisions. This led me to think about some of the decisions we not only make with regard to following our heart in relationships but following our heart with regards to our careers and other areas as it relates to this thing called "life". There have been so many times where I chased “fool’s gold”; a relationship I was in, a job I worked hard on night and day-all the while not realizing that what I signed on for was not really all that it seemed. I wasted a lot of time in relationships (both personal and professional) with those that provided nothing but negative energy which led me to making some “foolish” decisions. Although these were tough lessons, I did learn much needed lessons that taught me about who I was as a person, what I desired and deserved, and the greatness in store for my life. When I look back at those moments, I know with certainty that it took a great deal of courage and self-awareness to walk away from those people and those jobs. I decided that there was a greater calling on my life. However, I was only able to realize this as I began to truly become more self-aware and surround myself with positive people. I have always heard the saying “Show me your friends, and I will show you your future”. I had to begin to mind the company that I kept because my life was going into a direction that was not purpose driven. I began to learn that some of the people and “things” that I was chasing (that negative “in crowd”, negative or unsupportive family members or colleagues, a job with no room for advancement and no respect of its employees (or clients), brought nothing but negative insight to the greater areas of life I wanted to focus on. I had to start looking at my relationships with others for what they really were and this indeed was a painful process. It meant that I had to make some tough decisions about work and personal relationships with others. Although I originally followed my heart in these situations, I learned that I had to also guard my heart and use better judgment with some of the decisions I chose to make. Once I began to focus on doing what I loved to do with those who supported me, I focused less on the pay difference and on my fears of getting to know people outside of my original circles. Ask yourself these questions: Are you chasing fool's gold-going to a job each day because you thought that's what your heart wanted, and now you live with regrets or feel stuck? Working pay check to paycheck with no real focus on your true goals? Surrounded by those who are not in support of your dreams, goals or purpose? Are you happy with your current life situation or are there some changes that need to be made? Is what you're doing (personally and professionally), what you were “created” to do? Are you looking to make some life changes that will lead to your greatest level of success? Following your passion and living your purpose will definitely leave you with not only a heart filled with gold but being able to live abundantly beyond your basic needs. This will include relationships that will bring you tremendous joy (and joy that you will bring to others)

Make a choice today to think about the changes you need to make so that you are chasing your dreams, not chasing fool’s gold! Life has so much greatness in store for you, beyond this moment!

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