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Beyond this Moment

Moments of Life is a section dedicated to providing you with an affirmation, words of encouragement or a jewel of wisdom! My hope is that every word reaches you in a way that breathes life into all you seek to accomplish. Enjoy!

I gave birth to Beyond This Moment almost 2 years ago. Today is my first post. This is by no means due solely to procrastination, but due to my fear of failing, fear of others not believing in me and a lack of trust I held within in myself, that my vision would be one in which others would not appreciate. How often have you held onto those feelings? Watching days, months and years go by with something incredible that you brought life to, but then decided to "shelf it" yet another day because "life" got in the way. The last 2 years that I made an unconscious decision to do this, I consciously made the decision to fully support, encourage and cheer on everyone else's endeavors and indeed this brought me tremendous joy. I would then retreat to my sanctuary (home) late at night, look at my BTM work and give it what was left of me (not much) after giving everyone and everything else the best of me. I silently became frustrated with my own "shelving", starting to make excuses and even filling up my calendar in other areas which could have been used on building upon my purpose. Add to that raising a large busy family, supporting extended family, working a full time job and working one committee/event after another. I definitely was born to serve; I also knew that I had to begin serving in another way which is aligned with my purpose-my joy in coaching others to their greatest level of success!

What I realize now, is that while I felt stuck , I have also experienced a tremendous sense of growth and during that period of supporting others, pouring into my family and community, I was blessed beyond measure through words of encouragement from those who shared with me, the difference I made on their journey. It was in those moments that I slowly began to make more conscious decisions to speak more life into BTM and to actively seek opportunities to network and promote my business. The journey continues and I am looking forward to all it brings! My message to you is that every day is a new opportunity to reinvent “YOU!” and to build on your purpose, passion and gifts. Don't waste another day only to couple it with fears of not succeeding. While you may have obstacles and challenges, if what you are trying to accomplish is within your purpose and passion, you WILL succeed. This will take hard work, commitment, focus and faith but it CAN happen! My question for you today is: When is the last time you took a step toward working on your purpose? Took a leap of faith to do what it is you are truly called to do? Look beyond this moment, to do something that can be life changing!! Make your goal today doing something that will get you one step closer to being a greater YOU!

Life happens, beyond this moment!

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