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Spiritual Life Coach, Tanishia A. Johnson


Welcome! I am so glad you are here! 

Whether you are looking to begin a new journey or seeking support on your current journey, you've landed in a space

that promises to support you!

     Your 1st question may be:

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?  


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The Spiritual Life Coaching Process

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I support clients on their journey toward discovering their God-given life purpose! The spiritual life coaching process is different from traditional life coaching because the focus is on discovering who you are as a unique, sole, individualized expression of God and applying what you discover to what God has called you to do.


What can you expect during our sessions?

As a Christian Woman of God who is also spiritual, I approach the coaching process in a holistic way. Mind, body, and spirit must all be well in order to live out our true purpose.  As you discover your living vision and work on the practical layers of putting the pieces together, I will provide tools and resources to support that process while also supporting your healing.  


  • What is holding you back from doing what it is you know you were created to do?

  • What healing needs to happen?

  • If you are already living your purpose, where are you feeling stuck, or what patterns are beginning to show up? 

Let's get to work!! 

Tune in to the Beyond This Moment Podcast every Monday Morning at 5amPT/8amET:  





Beyond This Moment there is always more to discover, create, and become. It requires knowing that we are deeply loved by God, that loving ourselves is an important part of our journey, and that as we love others, it does not require abandoning ourselves. 
~Coach Tanishia

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