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Group Coaching (Minimum 1 Hr. Session)

For groups of 5+

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $500
  • In Person or Online Session

Service Description

Facilitated by Spiritual Life Coach, Tanishia A. Johnson, Group Coaching provides participants with a safe, sacred and loving space to receive tools and resources to support you in boldly stepping into your divine purpose. This space will offer support in how that process can look for you with authenticity, self-love, healing and self empowerment! I am available for retreats and events-additional workshops can be tailored for your event. Group Coaching Sessions : Mornings are Sacred- In this interactive session we will discuss how cultivating a morning practice is an essential part of your overall wellness and can change the trajectory of your life in beautifully amazing ways. Self care in uncertain times: There are 8 different areas of self care you can engage in and it doesn't have to be hard. Join this engaging session to hear more as well as self care activities you can engage in that require no money at all! We will also engage in a self care activity together Gratitude for our bodies: That which we think...we speak....we believe...we behave....we become. What are you telling yourself about yourself and about your body? This somatic experience will provide an opportunity to discover what our bodies communicate to us, how to listen and respond and the impact this can have on our goals. We will then engage in an affirming activity focused on the 2 most powerful words.....I AM! Creating Intentions to support your health and wellness goals: There is a level of tremendous support evident in simply creating an intention each day or as often as you are able. In this session we will walk through the practice of setting and creating intentions and how they can support the way in which you lovingly show up for yourself as you commit to your goals. Just Breathe: Breath is our anchor; our connection to Creator God. Deep breathing reduces stress and allows our bodies to relax so that we are aware of what we are feeling physically and emotionally. In this somatic experience we will engage in breathing exercises while practicing stillness. Healing heart, body and soul: This session will focus on our spiritual and physical wellness and how all of it impacts our heart. As a takeaway, you will walk through 1 key daily activity that can support your heart and spirit! Additional group coaching topics: Inner Child Workshops, Bolding Living Your Divine Purpose, Healing...A journey, not a destination, Different types of Prayers, God Journals, Guided Meditation

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