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Beyond This Moment 2019 1st Annual Conference: Authentic Sisterhood...Let the Healing Begin!                                     


"At this conference you will begin a journey toward sisterhood, like no other, with workshops addressing the various areas that impact and affect us individually and collectively, as women."

Founder, Tanishia A. Johnson


Workshops include:
- Live Longer: The impact of sisterhood and relationships with women, on our health.

- The Ugly Truth: Why the comparison lie and competitiveness impact our relationships and how to break free from self-comparison to true self-awareness.

- Building a Power Team: Why choosing the right consistent power group of Sheros is important in making your own power moves.

- The Three Threads of Sisterhood: The importance of having a sister you learn from, a sister throughout your journey and a sister you mentor throughout your journey. 

- Reciprocity: Iron Sharpens Iron: The true key to authentically supporting each and our visions.

- Moving Past the Pain: The critical need of looking inward to healing when closure on a relationship may be necessary. How to embrace a new season and overcome the pain caused by betrayal and toxic relationships. What are the steps involved in healing from situations that have caused miscommunication and upset in relationships? Where does mindfulness fit into all of this?

- Mothers and Daughters: The Root: This workshop will speak to how we as women 1st frame our relationship with women-through the lens of our relationship with our mothers. (as young girls, young adults and women). Also how we watched our mothers' relationships with women they are connected to via in the family (including their own mothers) and outside women circles.

-Intergenerational Relationships-The 4 R's: Respect, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Resiliency: The importance of establishing intergenerational relationships that provide support and natural order as it relates to authentic mentorship and sisterhood and the gift that comes from these relationships.


Keynote Address: Founder, Tanishia Johnson will deliver an engaging keynote, Authentic Sisterhood: We are stronger together!


As an added bonus to this conference, 10 Sheros will be honored in various categories such as: Entrepreneur of the Year, Social Justice Advocate of the Year, Trailblazer of the Year, the special " My Sister's Keeper" Award, The "Unsung Shero" Award, and several other categories."

There are plenty of SURPRISES in store as we close Woman's History Month at the 1st Annual Beyond This Moment Conference!  JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY! #AuthenticSisterhood


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